I Got A Name

As is probably apparent to those who check, I’ve moved on.

And, as always, am trying my best to continue to do so.

I’ll be making a new online home (for personal, professional, and creative purposes) in the near future and intend to treat it and myself better than the negative emotional entrenchment I engaged a little too long while spilling and cherishing lifestuffs here.

Please, be well.

We all deserve a little better.


P.S. If anybody cares to find me, then feel free to drop me a line. I’ll gladly share my new address (with some) once it’s ready.

"Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness."

— Alejandro Jodorowsky  (via 24ribs)

(Source: necroluste, via 24ribs)

I miss talking.

Starting to strongly consider retiring this blog.

Disappearing has a very sexy look to it.


Can’t stop eating vegetables.
Can’t remember how to sleep.

Alias is fucking awesome.

I’m really exceptionally not good at this.